Board Members

Michael Athmer - President

Michael Athmer is multilingual with 34 years of International Sales and Marketing Management experience, including trouble shooting, negotiating, launching new product lines, creating new sales networks, creating new product catalogs and developing and implementing sales and product training.
Established highest Export sales in Companies history, as National Sales Manager for The Netherlands for a Belgian Stainless Steel Company.
Born in Montreal, Canada and lived in Paris, France, Copenhagen, Denmark and The Hague, The Netherlands and moved to Florida in 2000.
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Chet Tart - Marketing Director

Mr. Tart a media executive, sales and talent Coach with over 35 years of seasoned broadcast experience from on-air personality, radio station owner, network executive and entrepreneur, who has owned and operated small-to-mid size radio companies and was President of the Business Talk Radio Network. Over his ownership career, Mr. Tart (with a series of various financial and operating partners) operated and improved stations in markets ranging from communities of under 50,000 to the “top 50” rated markets.  Chet Tart has raised over twenty-five million in capital for start up. 



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Jack Schulman - Photo & Video Director

​Jack Schulman, owner of JVM Productions, is a Video and film producer with over 20 years of experience producing TV commercials, internet videos, corporate videos for major corporations, training videos, music videos, and directing A/V for conferences, as well as the typical bar mitzvahs, weddings, anniversaries, etc. He is experienced in everything from lighting to sound to green/blue screen technology.
Before this, he was a professional musician and sound engineer focusing on both concert and studio demo productions. He also has a background in architecture and 3Danimation and modeling. As a national producer, he used to be called upon to travel to various cities from Miami to Las Vegas until he won primary custody of his daughter in a divorce. 
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Carmen Bernard - Events Director

Carmen Bernard considers South Florida provides a living environment that integrates architecture, culture and style. In the mid 2000’s she realized her dream of opening her first real estate brokerage office to assist families in achieving the American Dream of home ownership. As I strive for career and personal development, my interest in ever-evolving current economic trends and demands in today’s global business world have awakened a new interest in my career.






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Allison Turner - Social Media Director

Owner and CEO of BCoSF, Inc., Allison Turner is a skilled professional who has accrued more than 25 years of experience in management, customer service, marketing, and communications. She is passionate about setting and reaching goals, a passion that she developed during her time as a Division I college athlete, competing as a part of the Northwestern University tennis team. Previously, she oversaw a program of 200 junior tennis players and a staff of 10-12 tennis professionals in her role as the Director of Junior Tennis, moving on in 2011 in order to serve even larger numbers of people.
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