Breakfast with Speaker Laura King in January 2014

Laura King has been a full-time, practicing hypnotist for over a decade and is the founder of Summit Hypnosis and Wellness Centers in Palm Beach County.  She has helped hundreds of clients to overcome everyday challenges at all levels of their professional and personal lives.  It can advance your career, enrich your family life and help you exceed in your golf or tennis game! Laura has been helping CEOs, professional athletes, entrepreneurs and all levels of salespeople improve their performance and achieve peak states at work and at home for decades.

With over 100 certifications in Hypnosis, Clinical Hypnosis, NLP, and Life Coaching, she is one of the most highly qualified instructors in the industry. King has published six books on the subject of Hypnosis and NLP.  She has appeared on Rachel Ray, and is a highly sought after speaker. 

Through one-on-one hypnosis, coaching, her six books and her hundreds of CDs, Laura has been transforming mediocrity into excellence and misery into delight, by creating confidence and joy in the lives of her hundreds of clients.