Leadership Trainings


Almost 5 years ago, the Leadership Business Council created a strategic alliance with Dr. Bill Eickhoff. Dr. Bill is a Founding member of the John Maxwell Team. He is a certified coach, trainer and speaker in the area of Leadership development. We wanted to bring Leadership lessons to both the LBC breakfasts and the quarterly workshops.

About John Maxwell 

Dr, John C. Maxwell is rated the #1 leadership guru in the world by Inc. Magazine and the American Management Association. He has written over 85 books on Leadership, selling more than 24M. His book The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership has sold over 3 M copies and is THE best seller on Leadership. The 21 Laws is taught at the United States Military Academy at West Point and Microsoft.

Benefits of Attending

Dr. Bill uses the Maxwell content in his quarterly workshops. The workshops are free to members and $49 to guests. These workshops cover Leadership principles, customer service issues, cultural transformation in businesses and communication skills. These are typically thought of as the soft side of leadership. They are, but they are foundational to one’s understanding of why people follow their leaders. The soft side is what is not being taught in all the MBA programs.

We believe that everything rises and falls on Leadership. If a company or organization is growing and thriving, it’s because of good Leadership. Conversely, if a business or organization is declining and losing market share, you can be sure it’s due to lack of good Leadership.

The LBC breakfasts and workshops afford business owners and C suite leaders the ability to network and share Leadership principles in an experiential format. By experiential, we mean the workshop is interactive. We encourage discussion, feedback and Q&A.

LBC membership has its benefits. Where else can you network with successful business leaders, share business  ideas and grow your Leadership Potential?